5 Benefits of Choosing a Drug Rehab Center on the Beach

drug rehab center

You’re considering going to a drug rehab center. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in your recovery journey.

Now, you’re probably wondering where to go to get the quality treatment you need to help you start living a normal life again. You’re considering a luxury treatment facility, specifically one that’s at the beach.

The beach can have amazing benefits for the mind and body, and recovering next to the ocean can even help put you in a meditative state. This will help aid your long journey toward healing.

If you still aren’t sure that recovering at the beach is the perfect solution for you, read on for five reasons why you should decide to have rehab by the ocean.

It Calms Your Brain

Dr. Sally Nazari, a psychologist, states that the sound of the ocean’s ebbing and flowing can actually put your mind in a calmed state. She says it works by de-stimulating your brain, putting you in a more relaxed mood.

Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand with addiction and finding a place where you can relax is key to your recovery. Allowing yourself the space to clear your head is something that can play a significant role in your journey.

The ocean breeze is filled with negative ions, which can help lift your mood. In fact, some psychologists and psychiatrists are thinking of using negative ion therapy for Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD). If any time therapy or coping with your personal demons seems like far too much, simply escaping to the ocean and feeling the breeze on your face can have a lasting positive effect.

Individual Attention at Beach Rehab Center

Luxury drug rehab facilities offer individual attention. Centers that have too many patients may mean the staff is spread too thin. But a luxury facility often has a small staff to patient ratio.

Having a smaller staff to patient ratio means that you have more time to work on yourself, and spend less time wasted while in rehab. It allows you to get the maximum benefit of the facility, and the guidance and support you need to get through this journey.

The Beach Can Help You Sleep

Many people with addiction issues also have problems with insomnia. You may have abused drugs to try and get a good night’s sleep, especially in the face of mental or physical pain. Weening off drugs, or high doses of them, to help you sleep may be a new challenge you have to cope with while in rehab.

Spending time at the beach is a natural way to cope with insomnia. Because simply being at the beach can reduce levels of anxiety and depression, you may find yourself getting a better night’s sleep at a beachfront rehab center.

As discussed in the first section, the ebb and flow of the water induces a calming state. If you can’t sleep, looking out into the ocean can induce a meditative feeling in your body and give you a general sense of peace or calmness.

Many people use sound machines to get to sleep if they are suffering from insomnia. One of the most popular white nose sounds is that of the ocean waves. In a beachfront rehab facility, you will have the real deal just outside your window.

You’ll only need to open your door to take in the sounds.

The negative ions from the ocean breeze that also help induce a relaxing state can drift into your room as well. You should be able to get your sleep on track relatively quickly.

The Sun Can Help Reduce Depression

While the sun sometimes hides when you’re at the beach, you’ll have ample opportunity to catch some rays at a luxury rehab center. This is especially good for you if you come from a colder climate or somewhere far away from the ocean, as your body can soak up the necessary Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is linked with mood, and not having enough of it can make people feel extremely low or depressed. Although most food is fortified with Vitamin D, the best and most natural way to put it into our bodies is via sunshine. A walk on the beach in the sunshine can instantly lift your spirits and help put a day’s work at rehab into perspective.

In rehab you will have to deal with many of your inner demons, being able to decompress in the sun’s rays can having a healing effect on your mind and body.

Healthy Food

A luxury rehab center will provide you with the food that will nourish your body and mind. High quality ingredients and a tasty menu will ensure that you’re getting the right nutrition. It will also give you the strength necessary for getting through all the work you will be doing in the facility.

When struggling with addiction, many people ignore their bodies and their basic needs. This can mean they haven’t slept well or eaten well, and may have neglected these to continue their addiction. Neglecting proper nutrition is not uncommon with active substance use.

Proper nutrition will help your body heal physically from the toll of addiction, as well as set you on the right path for when you leave.

Well-trained chefs are able to provide delicious meals throughout the day. This means the food you’ll be eating at rehab will be both nutritious and tasty.

Choosing Yourself

Deciding to go to a drug rehab center is a huge step in your life. It says you are ready to break free from the chains of addiction and put yourself first. By doing so, you are actively choosing to put yourself and your wellness first.

You cannot help others or be a benefit to them if you do not take your health and sobriety seriously.

A beach rehab center can be the foundation for an addiction-free life, if you so choose.

Reach out now if you are ready to choose a life of sobriety. You can also browse our website for more information on addiction.