Rates and Fees

Accepting that you need specialist assistance for addictive behavior is the first step, after which you need to schedule treatment with a highly effective rehab facility, such as Luxury Beach Rehab.

During the booking process, you will have the opportunity to plan your payment approach with our admin staff. From patient to patient, we can accept self-payment or financing from an accepted insurance policy.

Accepted Insurance Policies

The cost of inpatient rehab is one that is covered by all major insurance providers. Here at Luxury Beach Rehab, we can offer treatment to patients with the following policies:

ins-unitedhealth ins-humana ins-cigna ins-bcbs ins-aetna

Depending on the level of treatment you require, the costs will vary. To ensure that you are covered for the potential extent of your treatment, an insurance policy from one of the providers listed above will help you meet the costs.

Private Treatment

Some rehab treatment facilities choose to alienate addicts by not accepting them without coverage from a recognized insurance provider. However, we prefer to focus on helping people conquer their addictions – not to focus on red tape.

Many of our patients choose to seek treatment without depending on funding from an insurance provider. If you would prefer to self-pay for your own treatment, then we are completely open to that – we just want to help.

With an affordable pricing structure in place, you can discuss a self-payment plan with us whenever you’re ready. You will soon learn that our primary concern is your all-round well-being.

The Value of Treatment

When evaluating how much does rehab cost, you also need to consider the benefits that you will carry along for the rest of your life. Alone, you are not likely to succeed in beating a severe addiction in the long-term, whereas with the right treatment plan and support you will stand a much greater chance of maintaining your sobriety for a happier existence.