Inpatient Accommodations

A rehab facility should be a safe haven in which addicts can escape the environmental triggers that are fueling their addictions during daily life. And with a multitude of physical, mental, and environmental factors to consider, this is precisely why Luxury Beach Rehab advocates a holistic approach to treat the whole of a person – not just the side effects.

With such a sweeping approach to rehabilitation, we offer a warm contrast to the severe rules of 12-step programs. For those of you who have had trouble with such programs in the past, you will be overjoyed to have a treatment program that has been tailored to your personal needs. And to help you attain the well-being you desire, an inpatient treatment program is often recommended.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Many patients have initially questioned whether they should fly in from other states to go through rehab in Florida, but they immediately understood from the moment they first stepped through the door. Tranquil surroundings, like those on Hutchinson Island in East Florida, offer mental respite from the perpetual noise of busy cities. Instead, you will wake each morning to savor the gentle sounds of rolling waves landing on the beach.

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Physical activity plays an integral role in our treatment programs, which is why being an inpatient makes complete sense. In addition to our beachside location, which is prime for activities, we are also close to not one but three beautiful state parks. Amid such magnificent surroundings, you will have the freedom to discover who you really are as a person.

Comfort is a major aspect of inpatient treatment, as we want you to feel completely at home in our rehab center. The sheer quality of our center is incredible, with comfortable seating and beds available to help you relax. Round-the-clock supervision is available on a 24/7 basis in case you need anything.

Free Your Mind

Addiction can often cloud your thinking beyond reason, preventing you from dealing with the emotional problems triggering your consumption of damaging substances. With our help, you will work slowly through your problems before being able to start thinking about the potential for good things to happen in your life.

As an inpatient, you will receive the daily support needed to make the quickest and most effective recovery for the long-term. There’s no sense in repeatedly failing in a 12-step program when temptation is everywhere in your immediate environment.

Just imagine conversing on the beach with like-minded souls and waiting for delicious food to arrive from the grill. Then, you can welcome in the night with a warm bonfire serenaded by the lapping of the ocean. You will be amazed at the role that activities and a change of environment will play in your recovery.

Come to Luxury Beach Rehab

Prior to beginning inpatient treatment, a popular option is for patients to view our facilities in person. This provides added reassurance for anybody who feels anxious or uncertain about what to expect.