Short Term Rehab

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs often do not have a standard duration or process, since each patient’s case and situation is unique to them. This is why there are many types of rehab programs, depending upon the duration of the treatment, and whether the patient stays at the rehab center or visits the therapist as a day patient during the course of the treatment. Broadly, there are two types of rehab programs – short term and long term rehab programs.

Rehabilitation as an outpatient

A short term rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addiction is one where the patient continues to stay at home for the entire duration of the treatment, while regularly meeting the professionals at the rehab center on per-determined dates where they will partake in individual counseling sessions or group therapies. A short term rehab program could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. During the course of the treatment, the patient does not stop working or living his/her regular life, but is expected to make certain lifestyle changes. Short term rehab programs are less expensive and time-consuming in comparison to long term rehab programs.

The timings for the daily meetings of the short term program vary greatly, and range from a couple of hours a day to up to eight hours a day. However, the treatment given often involves the same practices as a long term rehab program such as individual and group counseling sessions, peer support, group activities and therapy and life skills workshops, etc.

Just like in the long term rehab programs, a short term rehab program will also have an initial detox period; a time where the patient is weaned off the abusive substance. Since the patients do not stay at the rehab center, there are chances of them relapsing. Hence, they are required to undergo drug tests weekly.

When should I opt for this kind of rehabilitation program?

A short term program is most useful for patients who are not severely addicted to a substance. There are less chances of relapse in such patients, and the program proves successful in their cases. Patients who have mild addictions but feel they could be at risk to a more serious and damaging addiction are most suited to this program. However, in most cases, especially if the patient has multiple addictions, is facing other psychological issues simultaneously, or has had a history of falling into a cycle of withdrawal and relapse after treatment, it is not advised to opt for a short term rehab program. This is because in these cases, the short duration is not enough to deal with the extent of damage that has been caused due to the addiction. Moreover, if the patient is to start a new life post treatment, he/she should have built a strong foundation during the course of the treatment, which will allow himself/herself to view their life differently. Such changes happen very slowly, and are difficult to achieve in such a short amount of time.

Another issue with a short term rehabilitation program is that the patients may not be motivated enough to participate whole-heatedly. This would again result in the patient falling into the cycle of withdrawal and relapse, in which case, they should be admitted to a long term rehab program to avoid further complications.

Thus, while short term rehab facilities seem to be the more economical option out of the two, there are major disadvantages to it. It can become difficult when deciding which program to opt for; and whether to opt for a program based on convenience or extent of damage caused. This is why we are here to help you make the right decision for you. Luxury Beach Rehab’s programs are unique and tailor-made for each individual, depending upon the history and extent of substance abuse in the client. Therefore, there will always be deviations in one’s rehab program, from the standard long term rehab programs offered in most long term rehab centers. We will help you decide on a suitable course of treatment for you, in terms of the duration, pace and supplements after speaking to you in detail.

We at Luxury Beach Rehab are devoted to offering quality medical and psychological care to you, and are available to assist you 24/7.