Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

There are several reasons why a doctor may suggest and prescribe different kinds of tranquilizers. Many people suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), insomnia, seizures and other issues that may require the benefits that tranquilizers can offer.

Benzodiazepine is just one type of the various tranquilizers available today. They are known as common forms of the drug such as Xanax, Versed, Halcion or Valium. Drugs such as these are very helpful, when used in the correct way. However, they’re also prone to be easily abused by many and can quickly become addictive. There are various reasons why people may find themselves abusing this drug. When that happens, many find that the best course of action to take is to seek out help at a Benzodiazepine detox center.

Reasons for Benzodiazepine Addiction

People can find themselves becoming addicted to Benzodiazepine very easily, even when they are taking the medication for legitimate health reasons. One of the main reasons for abuse is because of the effects that the drug provides. Benzodiazepines produce a deep level of relaxation in those that are using it by causing anxiety levels to go down and the muscles to relax.

Generally, the drug takes effect rather quickly. In addition to that, there are many Benzodiazepines in the marketplace today, which makes them easy to acquire and readily available.

Both of these factors can contribute to psychological and physical dependence being built up for the drug, causing the user to seek higher doses. When someone reaches this point, their best option for help would be to seek a Benzodiazepine rehab center.

Drastic Side Effects of a Benzodiazepine Addiction

While using low doses of Benzodiazepine alone may not necessarily lead to an addiction or abuse problem, when the drug is combined with alcohol or other medications or when high doses of the drug are taken at once, the potential for problems to arise escalates. Some of the side effects or long-term effects of using Benzodiazepine can include:

  • Impairment of Motor Skills – Since the medication itself is working on the central nervous system, the long-term effects of abusing this drug can have serious effects on one’s motor skills. When overused, the medication causes severe drowsiness and a lack of the ability to concentrate, along with mental confusion and loss of muscle control. This can lead to many incidents and accidents and can be particularly dangerous when the person is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of the drug.
  • Memory Issues – benzodiazepine abuse is also known to lead to long-term memory loss accompanied by headaches and episodes of confusion. Users may not be able to remember sequences of events that have occurred in the past.
  • Behavior and Mood – The overall behavior and mood of a person who may be abusing the drug can change drastically. High levels of aggression and anxiety are also prevalent. The opposite end of the spectrum may also occur to some people where there are serious bouts of depression.
  • More Severe Effects – For those that have been long-term abusers of this drug, or perhaps even overdosed on it, many more physical effects have been known to occur, including blurred vision, difficulty in breathing, anorexia and even conditions that cause a person to fall into a coma.

If you have any concerns regarding yourself or a loved one and fear there may be an instance of Benzodiazepine addiction or abuse, you should seek out the help of professionals for Benzodiazepine addiction treatment.

The staff at our center that offers inpatient Benzodiazepine treatment in Florida have professional experience and a strong knowledge of these situations.