Things You Should Know Before Starting Drug Rehabilitation

For the vast majority of addicts, being admitted into a drug rehabilitation program has the potential to change their life. However, in order to get the most benefit from any type of rehab program, it’s important to know what to expect from the program and what kind of treatments are likely to be included as part of the recovery process. Here’s a list of the important things to know before starting drug rehabilitation.

Your close family and friends care about you and want you to get well

If you’ve been subjected to a drug intervention prior to treatment, it’s reasonable to assume that the people that organized the intervention care about you very much, and that your drug problem has had a negative effect on their lives. Now’s the time to stop denying that you have problems with addiction as this will be an immense help for you throughout your treatment, as will the support of the people who love and care about you.

Understand the differences between residential rehab and outpatient treatment

Two major types of drug rehabilitation programs exist – residential and outpatient. Residential drug rehabilitation programs are most suited to people who need to be in an environment where their complete focus is on their recovery. By choosing to undergo treatment in a location away from your normal environment, it’s easier to distance yourself from your usual habits and triggers. On the other hand, if you would prefer to return home every day to the support of your family, outpatient drug treatment programs can prove to be more beneficial and practical.

Detox is not rehabilitation

Detox and rehabilitation are two separate processes, and you should treat any drug detox program that claims to offer a full recovery from drug addiction with caution. Detox is just the first part on the road to recovery, and just helps you to overcome the physical aspects of addiction. The vital psychological component to enable you to resist relapse is addressed through counseling, either group or individual, which may be offered in conjunction with a range of therapies, such as art therapy or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

There’s no need to be worried about group counseling

We’ve all seen images of group counseling sessions, and many people can feel quite intimidated by having to share their story and experiences with complete strangers. However, group counseling can help lessen your feelings of isolation, and with the support of your peers, you may find that you make the breakthrough that you need.

Keep a positive mental attitude

Keeping a positive mental attitude can mean the difference between success and having to fight to survive each day. By keeping a positive attitude and cooperating with the people who are trying to help you, you’ll reserve all your energy to enable you to achieve the success you need.

Rehabilitation is ongoing

Perhaps the most important information about drug rehab is that rehabilitation doesn’t end when the program ends. You will need some form of aftercare program to prepare you for a life without drugs. Whether that is a 12-step program, or follow up one-to-one therapy with a counselor, you stand the best chance of keeping drug free when you commit to a regular aftercare program.

Luxury Beach Rehab is a residential drug rehabilitation facility that enables motivated individuals to effect a real change in their lives. We understand that in order to achieve a successful rehab, a person must be treated in a holistic manner. Our drug rehabilitation programs do just that in a professional and caring manner.