Hutchinson Island

Sun streaked sands, under softly fanning palm leaves, provide the calm atmosphere that serves as a radically different setting — for profound change. This is the setting at our Florida facility, offering substance abuse rehabilitation in Florida.

Luxury Beach Rehab is a safe space where people cannot resist rejuvenating their minds and bodies. A fresh start can begin here with new-found health, introspection, as well as caring interaction and thrilling new experiences.

The facilities provide you with private beach-side accommodations that are furnished with top quality convenience features, so that the mundane side of daily life can subside during your recovery. Luxury Beach Rehab is a family-run holistic recovery center, in one of the most pristine areas of southeast Florida. Its soft sands are lapped by the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Island Setting

Hutchinson Island has the quality of buffering its visitors from all the activity on the mainland, and yet it is not too remote. Our beach-side rehab center facilities are designed as your new home for a while, a place in which to look within, comfortably.

Problematic situations back home can be left behind, in order to re-imagine one’s life and gather strength for it. The tropical climate of Hutchinson Island, and its serene beauty, are the ideal conditions for body-mind purification.

On the purely physical level, the temperate weather and natural beauty of this Island support one’s holistic detox experience, and then one’s rehabilitation from alcohol or drug addictions. It is also a perfect place to loosen core psychological entanglements, for those with a dual diagnosis.