10 Non-Alcoholic Dinner Party Tips

Alcohol featured prominently in the daily lives of many Americans back in the 1950s and 1960s. Nowadays, though, we are all much more aware of the damage that alcohol can cause. That is precisely why alcohol free living is on the rise. People who live without alcohol have lots of fun and without any of the hangovers. You, too, can share the benefits with the help of these non-alcoholic party ideas. There are lots of wonderful tips to help you in a variety of scenarios.

  1. Set a Fun Theme – A special theme can really help to liven up the evening without requiring alcohol. For instance, you can set a Game of Thrones or Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This will give attendees an exciting alternative reason for being there. You do not have to wait until Halloween to host a themed party.
  1. Serve Delicious ‘Mocktails’ – Mocktail is a term that you will now find at virtually every leading cocktail bar. This is to cater to non-drinking patrons who also want something delicious to drink. Look online for some creative recipes and delight your guests’ taste buds with what you have to offer.
  1. Reach for Your Apron – Food is the next thing to take care of. Summer is an obvious time of the year for BBQs, and now you can create more interesting dishes because you will not need an alcohol budget. At other times of the year, check out recipes for appetizers as they can be handed out socially at parties.
  1. Crank Up the Tunes – Okay, but not too loud for the neighbors. At the very least, you have to create a playlist packed with artists of which your guests will approve. Another option is to hire a talented solo artist to perform at your dinner party.
  1. Invite Like-Minded Souls – Do not invite anybody who might stereotypically spike the punch bowl with a hip flask. You need to invite others who will enjoy and buy into a no alcohol dinner party. Inviting likeable drinkers might only result in some non-drinkers turning to the dark side.
  1. Keep an Open Mind – Inevitably, there will be friends who want a couple of drinks and to have a laid back party. A perfectly acceptable option is to host a non-alcoholic dinner party within the relaxed surroundings of a calm restaurant. After all, they can’t exactly start pouring their own shots.
  1. Help Others to Converse – Okay, let’s say that you are a relatively outgoing person. You should take the time to go round various groups and stimulate conversation. To convince others in the value of non-alcoholic dinner parties, it will go a long way if you show them a fun time.
  1. Plan Some Fun Games – Right, so beer pong absolutely does not count. You could try to make a non-alcoholic version, but you do not want to be chugging expensive fruit juices when you should be savoring them. The web is awash with party games. Just make sure that you can involve more than a couple of people, otherwise guests will feel left out. Everybody knows charades, right?
  1. Invite Family Members – Most partygoers are unlikely to misbehave when their children are close by. Moreover, you can host a family party during the daytime and people will reasonably expect for there to be no alcohol because of the kids.
  1. Start in the Afternoon – When the weather is nice, you should forget about planning an evening event and get together in the afternoon. Drinkers are much more likely to accept that there is no alcohol at party starting around noon. They can leave a couple of hours later when you dinner party is over and do what they want with their evening.

Alcohol-free dinner parties will lose any stigma once more of us host them. These are events are so much fun because they teach us to really value each other’s company. Follow our tips for your next party.