Methadone Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Those who are dealing with an opiate addiction to substances such as heroin are fighting a tough battle as it is, but very often the prescription medication used to get off of heroin is Methadone, an opiate in its own right that is used to wean people off harder drugs. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a situation where, as they are fighting their addiction to heroin, they are developing dependence and addiction to Methadone, creating a vicious circle of dependency.

For those that may be seeking to change this cycle the next logical step to take is to seek out Methadone addiction treatment and recovery.

There are Methadone Addiction Signs

Besides its use as a treating agent for an opiate addiction, Methadone is also frequently used as a pain reliever. Very often doctors prescribe methadone to patients that may suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus or severe nerve pain. This can also lead to Methadone addiction. There are some signs that you can look for if you are concerned that someone may be developing an addiction to Methadone and may need the help of a Methadone rehab center.

Methadone might cause a number of side effects, which can become more glaring if a person is abusing the medication. Common indicators can be things like insomnia, nausea and vomiting, weakness, headaches, a lack of appetite, skin rashes, mood swings and others. Those that may be taking too much Methadone may experience issues with an irregular heartbeat, very slow breathing and a feeling of disorientation or confusion. Finally, for those that may have run out of the medication, the withdrawals when addicted can be quite severe and cause a great craving for more medication. All of these can be indicators that it may be time to seek Methadone addiction recovery.

Seeking an Inpatient Methadone Rehab Center

If you have seen the Methadone addiction signs in yourself or a loved one then the course of action you should take is to find the best Methadone treatment center possible to arrange for stay at the facility. An inpatient Methadone rehab center may be the best possible option for you because of what will be necessary in order to try to overcome the addiction. There are a number of different types of programs and treatments available and some of the most important aspects include:

  • Detoxification – Detox may be the most important and most difficult step to undertake at even the best Methadone treatment center. The detox and withdrawal from Methadone is known to be quite difficult and the symptoms can be tough on many people, which is why inpatient treatment at this time is so critical. As an inpatient you will be surrounded by trained and experienced medical staff to monitor you and help you deal with any symptoms that may arise during withdrawal.
  • Education and Therapy – Once detox has been completed the patient can then take part in the rest of the rehabilitation process involved in Methadone addiction recovery. For most people this can involve various types of therapy, including individual counseling sessions and group therapy sessions where factors leading to addiction can be discussed openly so that strategies can be developed to deal with these issues beyond the facility. There will also be educational offerings to help learn coping mechanisms and strategies one can form to help to prevent a relapse.
  • Alternative Methods Available – Many centers today also provide varying types of therapies available that take on a more holistic approach to help in the overall healing of someone with a Methadone addiction. Depending on the facility this can include all types of therapies including art and music, nutritional programs, meditation and yoga sessions, physical training and other elements that a patient can take part in so that they can have a healthier mind and body to allow them to better cope with their relationships and what life offers outside of the center.