Luxury Beach Rehab Supports Shatterproof

Luxury Beach Rehab’s directors and staff members fully realize that working on the social problem of substance addiction cannot be confined to the admittedly privileged setting we have created for our clients. The success stories of our patients continue after they rejoin their normal lives; in most cases they naturally want to help others with similar struggles dealing with the disease of addiction, as well as its public stigmas.

Helping our own clients recover and resume wonderful lives is connected to participating in the overall social movement to tackle the problems of addiction. In that spirit, our center decided to give support to various other organizations working in this area of public health, such as

We encourage all our clients to visit Shatterproof and donate. We would like to suggest that this is a beautiful complementary gesture, as each former addict enters a new healthier lifestyle, with more energy to help others.

Shatterproof’s approach is to make positive impact upon the cultural backdrops of people with addictions, who come from all walks of life. By supporting what they do, we are expanding the impact our center makes, broadening it from our caring focus on individuals to include the society at large as well.

Why Shatterproof Deserves Support began with the lives of one particular family, in which a son was afflicted by addition from an early age and eventually committed suicide in his shame and anguish. The parents of that boy decided to use their tragedy to help others, through lobbying for effective social and legal reforms.

Today this organization is a leading force in dealing with America’s opioid epidemic, in particular. It has been working to:

  • help pass numerous laws and bills in many US states that are designed to counteract this contemporary wave of addiction, which has epic proportions
  • reform prescription and medical protocols
  • enact research and treatment programs,
  • empower ambassadors who can communicate with legislators on behalf of the American families dealing with the grave challenges of addiction.


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