Paying for Luxury Rehab: 7 Important Rehab Cost Factors to Consider

rehab cost

One in seven American’s will face some addiction in their life, yet only about 10% will actively seek help.

When someone decides to enter rehab, either by their own will or being encouraged by their family, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Yet the rehab costs can deter some people away altogether. Sometimes there’s hidden fees or luxuries you might not be aware of. But a luxurious rehab experience shouldn’t be ignored because of the cost, as sometimes it can be surprisingly affordable.

What is Rehab?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation, a place where those who struggle with addiction go to get treatment and rest.

There are different types of care offered in rehab:

outpatient: This type of rehab includes scheduled therapy and treatment without a prolonged stay. Patients participating in outpatient rehab will come and go.

inpatient: inpatient therapy consists of staying in a facility or campus dedicated to the patient’s wellness. Inpatient therapy can include staying in a room, different activities, as well as group and individual therapies.

detox: Detox programs are typically found in inpatient rehab. The exact time it takes for one to detox depends upon the severity of the addiction.

7 Important Factors to Know about Luxury Rehab Costs

What makes a luxury rehab different is the types of amenities and treatments they offer. The purpose of a luxury rehab is for the patient to focus on their sobriety while experiencing a luxurious environment.

Compared to a standard rehab, the cost of a luxury rehab could hover around $25,000 for a month’s stay or even higher. It’s important to remember that the cost comes down to what you decide to pay for.

Let’s explore some of those and see if luxury rehab is for you.

1. Location

The location of the facility is likely to fluctuate depending on location. For a luxury rehab located on a beach or in the mountains, the cost will increase. However, these setting can have a positive impact on someone’s recovery and mental health.

While the location can contribute to a higher cost, where the center is located is also a factor. For example, a beach treatment center on the ocean will have a higher cost than in a city.

2. Type of Facility

This is filed under outpatient or inpatient. Typically, inpatient facility will be more expensive because of living quarters and other necessities.

3. Amenities

One of the stand-out features of a luxury rehab is the wealth of amenities that are available. Compared to a standard rehab luxury rehab offers many more. Here are a few that you might find:

  • 24-hour medical service
  • massage therapy or other spa services
  • holistic approaches such as acupuncture, herbs, or naturopathic treatments
  • private rooms
  • gourmet dining
  • activities that might include swimming, horseback riding, tennis, yoga and more
  • one-on-one counseling or therapies with some of the best therapists in the field
  • group therapies
  • addiction education
  • therapy sessions like art therapy or music therapy
  • nutrition counseling

Depending on the facility you choose, the amenities may differ. It’s important to note that with each amenities you choose in your treatment, it raises the cost of rehab.

4. Treatments Offered

Each treatment center will provide different treatments and therapies. Some will include detoxes, group and or individual therapies. If your addiction calls for a detox, such as with alcohol or heroin, this treatment option may be beneficial.

5. Length of Stay

The longer you stay in rehab the more expensive it will be. While the length of stay can vary according to each person’s individual most people stay in rehab anywhere from 30-90 days. The stay is really reliant upon the individual’s willingness to get well and the level of participation in their recovery.

6. Medications

If a doctor decides you need medications for your addiction, this may come at an additional cost.

7. Maintenance After Rehab

Following a stay at rehab, there are sometimes programs put in place to help someone cope with relapse. It may cost extra for someone to design a plan for you in case of a relapse. These are very beneficial and should be highly considered since a relapse is considered by professionals a part of the addiction process.

How do I Pay For Luxury Rehab?

Though rehab costs may sound shockingly high, remember that addiction can cost more money and be more damaging to your mind and health. Rehab is worth every bit of time and money you put into it, so you can regain your life and your health.

Not everyone can afford to pay out of pocket for luxury rehab. Here are some options to consider:

Insurance: Some insurance companies will cover the entire cost or partial cost of rehab. Check with your insurance company first to see what options are available to you.

Medicare: In some cases, Medicare may cover the costs of rehab as well. Review your benefits before you search for treatment facilities.

Financing: Rehab centers want to help you and will often find ways to work around financial difficulties. If you find your insurance does not cover any part of rehab or you are uninsured, most are willing to work with you and could possibly offer financing options or scholarships.

In the long run, the cost of rehab is substantially lower than allowing the problem of addiction to linger and continue to ruin lives.

The benefits of rehab are absolutely essential, even when the cost seems impossible. When you say ‘yes’ to recovery you’re investing in your health and your future. You can walk away from addiction and rehab knowing that the time, work, and money you spent was worth it to gain the tools you need to have a better life.

Choose Luxury Rehab For Your Recovery

Luxury rehab can be an excellent way to get freedom from your addiction. Rehab costs should never be a concern when you’ve decided to get well. There are plenty of options and people who desire to help you in any way they can.

At Luxury Beach Rehab we offer rehabiliation programs for those suffering from addiction. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get your life back on track.