Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

The scope of drug abuse in Louisiana

During the years 2007- 2008, the state of Louisiana was in the top ten states for several drug use categories: in the past-year cocaine use among 12 year olds and older, and illicit drug dependence of people age 12 and older, with approximately 7% of residents in Louisiana reporting using illicit drugs in the past 30 days. Although marijuana was the most commonly reported drug among primary drug treatment admissions, 3.93% of residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month. While marijuana is usually the drug of choice, methamphetamine is catching it up in terms of popularity, due to its low cost and long lasting effects. Cocaine is widely trafficked and used all across the state of Louisiana, although heroin distribution and abuse is not as widespread as in some other states.

The death rates from drug use is higher than the national average, with 862 people dying drug related deaths in 2007, equating to 20.1 per 100,000 of the population, far in excess of the national rate of 12.7 per 100,000.

Despite a nationwide reduction in the number of methamphetamine lab seizures in 2005, the number increased steadily between 2007 and 2009, with meth lab seizures in LA mirroring this overall trend with a rise of 74%. This was as a result of the bulk purchase of PSE for non-therapeutic reasons, known as ‘smurfing’ and the increase in the number of small, mobile ‘one-pot’ labs.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Louisiana

There are over 130 separate drug and alcohol treatment centers in Louisiana, most of which provide a standard outpatient program for issues associated with drug and alcohol addiction. However, there are also many Louisiana inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers which offer more structured programs. Once clients have completed one of these programs, they can then move to a halfway house, where they’ll have access to a substance free living environment and additional support while they reintegrate into society.

Louisiana drug rehab – are there free options available?

People seeking treatment for dependence on alcohol or drugs, will find that there are many different Louisiana drug rehabilitation centers to choose from. However, if the dependent person doesn’t have the funds or medical insurance to pay for their treatment, there are still several options available. Free rehab treatment is available, although the type of center and treatment can vary according to the way in which it is funded.

State funded rehab in LA

State funded facilities are funded in some way through government grants or subsidies. These kind of facilities may be linked to a court system, with patients being ordered to attend for treatment, and may have long waiting lists, especially during the winter.

Vocational Rehab centers

Vocational rehab centers in Louisiana are funded via the clients working for the treatment program, and may have a pronounced Christian element due to the involvement of organizations such as the Salvation Army.

Donation based rehabilitation

Donation based rehab facilities, as their name suggests, receive most of their funding through an individual or organization. Some private rehab facilities offer a ‘scholarship’ bed, which is also funded in this way, although these have now almost disappeared from private care facilities. This type of facility is very rare unless they are affiliated with a church or charitable organization.

What are the differences between rehab centers in Louisiana and rehab centers in Florida?

Since Hurricane Katrina, most Louisiana rehab centers will accept all forms of payment, including out of pocket payments and all types of insurance, although some centers do offer virtually free service. In comparison, although there are many government assisted programs in Florida, the state has the second highest number of private rehab clinics in the United States.

Here at Luxury Beach Rehab we provide a range of treatments for drug and alcohol abuse as part of our holistic approach to addiction therapy, and accept most health insurances. If you have any questions regarding our programs, the team of licensed practitioners at our Florida rehab center are always on hand to help.