Inpatient Rehab Therapy for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse rehab is at its most effective for addicts when a holistic approach is adopted, as this will address the problem at every level. Holistic rehab therapy will consider not only the entire body of a person, but also their mental and social wellbeing.

Inpatient rehab therapy needs to be comprehensive in nature, so as to break the behavioral cycle and transcend the addictive personality to the point where the addict will not turn back to substance abuse. Only then can an alcoholic or drug addict emerge from their addiction to find a fulfilling place within society.

Detox in Positive Social Surroundings

Treatment centers like Luxury Beach Rehab are ideal for addicts undergoing detoxification from their substance abuse problems. Substance use disorders treatment is a very unpleasant experience for addicts, but one that is altogether necessary to transform their lives into one that is worth living for.

To aid the physical and mental anguish brought on by detox, it is imperative that addicts seek the help of experienced addiction professionals. Such professionals have guided addicts through recovery on a multitude of occasions, which means that they will have the experience to steer you through the murky waters as well.

One of the most damaging triggers for addicts can be their social environment, leading many to revert to their addictive behavior either during or immediately after detoxification. A holistic approach, however, would see addicts undergo their detox at a treatment center that is secluded and in a positive setting.

In addition to the pleasant surroundings of some treatment centers, they are also of major benefit because of the immediate proximity to support. When withdrawal symptoms emerge and cravings start to take hold, special supplements can be provided to ease the pain and restore nutritional balance gradually. Crucially, there is nowhere else for the addict to go, which also increases the chance of success.

Comprehensive Rehab Treatments

There should be no limitations when it comes to tailoring a rehab program. Everybody is different, and none more in the cases of substance abusers. These individuals have been driven to their problems by their own specific set of circumstances – not some generic list of scenarios listed in a textbook.

A holistic approach will start off by providing individual therapy to a troubled individual, who will share information from their past in an effort to uncover the cause of their problems. Additional forms of therapy, such as self-support groups and education, can then build upon the individual sessions. Other types of reinforcing therapy can include relapse prevention, family counseling, EMDR therapy, and expressive art therapy.

Following detox and rehab, an effective inpatient rehab program will prepare the recovered addict by educating them of the importance of diet and physical activity. Each will play a crucial role in sustaining mental wellbeing, and in developing the recovered addict’s ability to fight back against their addictive behavior. Support is available at every level of recovery from rehab centers like Luxury Beach Rehab.

Dual Diagnosis

This is a term used to describe addicts who not only suffer from substance abuse, but also psychological issues or mental illness. Dual diagnosis is a vital consideration when treating addicts who have also been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, clinical depression, and other forms of mental illness.

Only a skilled addiction professional can effectively treat someone suffering from dual diagnosis, as the professional needs to be experienced in both addiction and mental health. An ineffective strategy would be to treat one before the other, as it might only result in a damaging relapse for the patient. One feeds the other, which is why both have to be treated simultaneously.

A holistic approach is the only way to effectively provide dual diagnosis treatment, which is why Luxury Beach Rehab offers exactly that. We believe that only a customized treatment program can help victims transform their lives for the better. There is no set treatment plan for dealing with people suffering from dual diagnosis.