Private Addiction Treatment

When you come to the realization that you or a loved one may have a dependency problem on alcohol or other substances it may take you a bit to understand just what your next step should be to get help. For many people making the decision that a problem truly does exist and help is needed in order to stop the addiction is a breakthrough moment, but then the decision must be made if some type of help and treatment plans are going to be needed.

The most effective way for you to fight this battle and try to overcome addiction is to seek the help of a professional facility that can offer you the private addiction treatment that you or your loved one is going to need to get well.

Why Choose a Private Rehab Center

There are a number of reasons why you may want to choose an inpatient private rehab over the outpatient options that may be available to you. While a person can receive counseling and treatment as an outpatient, attending 12 step programs, group counseling sessions or even private sessions with a licensed therapist, inpatient treatment at a private facility has proven to be much more effective for the majority of people dealing with a substance addiction. A private rehab can offer the patient a secluded facility without the worry of any outside interruptions or forces that can have a negative influence on the person that is trying to recover, leading to potential setbacks and relapses that can worsen the addiction.

What to Expect at a Private Addiction Treatment Center

There are a number of treatment components that you can expect to take part in when you undertake substance abuse treatment at a private rehab center. Many private facilities offer private rooms for each patient as opposed to sharing a room with others at the facility.

There are also some private facilities that provide more relaxed freedoms and luxury amenities, such as longer computer use time or outdoor physical activities such as tennis or golf. In general, however, the treatment you receive at any private rehab will contain segments including the following:

  • Physical Treatment – With any type of substance abuse center there is going to be a physical component involved that allows the patient to undergo a detoxification process in order to get the substances physically out of your system. This is a vital and necessary step before being able to proceed with other forms of treatment. The type of substance addiction that exists can determine the withdrawal symptoms and each individual may experience withdrawal differently. In a private facility, treatment will be catered to fit the individual needs of the patient to allow for safe detox under the eyes of a licensed and trained medical staff.
  • Various Types of Counseling – Counseling at a private rehab center can vary from facility to facility but it is a necessary piece in any recovery process. The patient may be asked to take part in both group therapy and counseling sessions and private counseling sessions with a therapist. These sessions are designed to help get at the root emotional and psychological influences that may have led to an addiction in the first place. Uncovering the fears and emotional triggers can help a patient have a clearer understanding of just what has caused their addictive behavior so that they can make changes in their life to eliminate issues and make proper adjustments.
  • Education – Education at a private addiction treatment center will cover varying topics. The main goal of the education component is to learn just what the toxins involved in the substance abuse can do and have done to you mentally and physically and what you need to do going forward for the best chances at recovery. Education can include all kinds of classes and instruction, along with the general counseling that occurs, as well as more holistic treatments such as meditation, physical training, proper diet and health approaches and more to make lifestyle changes that can have a positive influence moving forward.