Inpatient Rehabilitation

Luxury Beach Rehab is the complete inpatient rehab center. Equipped to cope with alcoholism, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis, our holistic approach seeks to treat the whole of a person. For many of the addicts who seek our help, inpatient rehabilitation is the clear solution for beating dependency and transforming their lives for the future, not just a few weeks or months.

Inpatient rehabilitation is simply a form of treatment that requires the patient to spend a period of time staying at our rehab center. Due to the severe nature of some addictions, it can only be recommended that those patients take a clean break from their regular life and undertake daily treatment with our highly trained experts.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Programs

An inpatient program is one that has the potential to continue on a daily basis, and will include a wide range of treatments. In contrast, an outpatient program is one that patients will see patients staying away from the facility but attending regular sessions to continue their treatment. As for frequency, an outpatient program can be anywhere from three days to five days a week.

In terms of the merits, an outpatient program is appealing for addicts who are attempting to return to normality yet still require the support of our treatment center. This helps to ensure that they are continuing with treatment and following all of the recommendations made. An outpatient program is a logical option to follow inpatient treatment.

For information on our inpatient treatment programs, we have outlined sections below for drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Drug Treatment

During the recovery process, we always advocate that addicts should stay with us as an inpatient during the painful detox stage for added support. Inpatient drug rehab stands a much greater chance of success because you are removed from an environment filled with mental and emotional triggers to potentially derail your detox.

By staying at our specialist treatment center on Hutchinson Island in East Florida, you will remove yourself from a difficult environment and place yourself in a relaxing place where you can navigate detox with the help of experts.

Whether you are suffering from an addiction to drugs of a prescriptive or illicit nature, we can devise a recovery program to transform your life. We don’t believe that 12 restrictive steps are the solution for recovery. Only a tailored program to your body, mind, and environment will help you attain lasting wellness.

Alcohol Treatment

The average person can potentially encounter alcohol on multiple occasions during the average day. In fact, alcohol can be so unavoidable that many end up over-consuming and developing long-term issues. The sheer accessibility of alcohol makes it one of the most damaging substances in the world.

Due to the prevalence of alcohol in our wider society, we strenuously recommend that alcoholics choose inpatient alcohol treatment over attempting to beat their addiction in isolation. Unfortunately, an isolated approach cannot work in the long-term.

Here at Luxury Beach Rehab, you will find that we devote our time to identifying the root causes driving your damaging addiction. Only by understanding the triggers will it be possible for you to avoid relapsing after the detox stage has been completed.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As a fully equipped inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center, you can come to us if you are suffering from underlying psychological conditions as well as an addiction. In the event that you have an anxiety disorder, clinical depression, personality conflicts, or another issue, this can act as a catalyst that contributes to fueling your addiction.

A painful fact is that many drug and alcohol addicts on rigid 12-step programs relapse because they never deal with the underlying psychological causes. This goes beyond living in a specific environment, but relates to addicts who have long been in need of psychological treatment.

Even if you arrive at Luxury Beach Rehab without being aware of a pre-existing condition, our skilled therapists will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the required treatment. A holistic approach to treat the whole of your person is the only way to attain wellness when suffering from dual diagnosis.