Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The simple explanation of holistic health is that the medical practitioner treats the whole of a person, as opposed to concentrating on individual symptoms. In fact, leading holistic health experts like Kathi J Kemper consider this approach to encompass personal values, family beliefs, and even the culture of their wider community, which is in line with the definition of holistic recovery treatment that has been outlined by the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).

The level of care and consideration given in holistic health certainly sounds wonderful, but what is the relevance for drug and alcohol rehab? Well, this discussion will shed light on the potential for people affected by substance abuse.

Defining Recovery

Looking to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the definition of recovery is “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to live their full potential.”

The point to draw from that definition is that SAMHSA does not specifically define recovery technique or approach, but instead leaves it open-ended to allow for addicts to find the most effective treatment program for them as a person. However, SAMHSA does list four major dimensions that should be addressed in recovery. These include health, home, purpose, and community, which align well with the concept of holistic health.

Treating Addiction Holistically

Continuing with the thread of potentially aligning drug and alcohol recovery with holistic health, it must be pointed out that SAMHSA has identified “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” with a view to helping people affected by substance abuse and mental health conditions. The full list can be found below:

  • Emotional – Maintain a stable emotional balance.
  • Environmental – Find positive environments in which to exist.
  • Financial – Achieve financial stability.
  • Intellectual – Challenging your brain.
  • Occupational – Finding a fulfilling job.
  • Physical – Healthy diet, regular sleep, and physical activity.
  • Social – Connecting with the people around us.
  • Spiritual – Finding meaning in life.

Without getting too complex, those eight dimensions provide a wide framework of targets for people in recovery. They can outline clear targets for each as they work through their recovery with holistic health experts. SAMSHA has established that very Wellness Initiative to help as many people as possible to increase their quality and longevity of life.

Benefits for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A holistic drug treatment will prove to be much more beneficial for the addict because they will tackle the root of their addiction. Simply undertaking a detox and attending narcotics anonymous might not be enough for the addicts who are most risk. They might very well need close personal care and evaluation to consider their entire condition, both physically and mentally.

Specialist holistic organizations like Michael’s House understand how addiction can be driven by a combination of body, mind, and environment. Therefore, the only way to combat addiction is to find an alternative balance to the situation in which addiction was able to seize control. Holistic treatment will enable drug addicts to remove potential triggers that they might never have considered.

On the other side of this topic, a holistic alcohol treatment program also has potential benefits for alcoholics. The highly accessible nature of alcohol means that many more people in the general population are at risk of developing a troublesome or even fatal addiction. Therefore, it is extremely valuable to have another approach for helping alcoholics.

In considering holistic treatment, the prolonged consumption of alcohol by addicts can develop a multitude of health problems. In addition to heart disease and liver failure, alcohol can lead to the development of a myriad of cancers. Medical research simply hasn’t yet identified the full extent of the potential damage that problem drinking can lead to. Holistic treatment will look at all of the risks.

Summary of Benefits

Considering both drug and alcohol rehab, there are some core benefits that will be shared by both types of addict. Most notably, you will walk into a holistic rehab center and you will be treated as a person rather than another statistic. These professionals adopt an approach whereby they will empower you to take control and make the changes that will transform your life for the better.

To summarize, holistic treatment is about delivering a recovery program that is unique to your needs, which will actually give you a chance of succeeding, especially with the follow-on treatment that is offered. You see, holistic treatment professionals will continue helping until you are entirely healthy.

Holistic Treatment Possibilities

Throughout the US and the rest of the world there are treatment centers ready to help drug and alcohol addicts. However, when it comes to holistic alcohol rehab in Florida, as well as drug rehab, Luxury Beach Rehab is here to answer any of your questions. Our holistic alcohol rehab center is operated by highly experienced rehab professionals who have years of knowledge to share in relation to addiction.