Georgia Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

People living in Georgia are faced with a range of drug problems, from marijuana and cocaine to methamphetamine and non-medical abuse of prescription drugs. All of these addictions can be treated at one of the many Georgia drug rehab centers, with treatment being particularly successful if early intervention is utilized.

If an addict suddenly stops using drugs and/or alcohol, they’ll inevitably be faced with a number of physical and psychological side effects, which will be just as debilitating whether they have decided to go into rehab or not. Whether they have the ability to maintain this abstinence can be dependent on a number of factors, but by choosing to attend a GA rehab center, addicts will receive the support and expert care of professionals, who have the experience to help them through the detox process. In addition, they’ll be free from the temptation of reusing, as they will be denied access to drugs or alcohol, and distanced from triggers and people which prompted their substance abuse. This means that they’re more likely to achieve success by being in a supportive environment which is conducive to recovery.

Which treatment programs are available in Georgia?

Once the addict has overcome the challenges of detox and withdrawal, they will be ready for rehabilitation; the most crucial aspect of returning the addict to a life without drugs. However, each individual should consider their options carefully, so that they can find the best treatment program to meet their specific needs. For example, while the traditional 12-step programs are popular, many people may have tried this in the past without success. Therefore, it’s important to find a rehab program in GA which will offer each individual the best chance of remaining drug free.

While the 12-step approach may be popular, Georgia drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a variety of alternative treatment models which are not anchored in the 12-step approach. One such treatment is behavioral therapy, which has proved an extremely effective treatment and, when used in conjunction with life skills training, can assist clients in identifying their weaknesses and building on their strengths. It also offers strategies for coping with challenges that may arise during and after recovery. The therapy is delivered by professional treatment counselors who have the experience and ability to help each individual to assume the responsibility for their own life, and to become accountable for their actions and behaviors. This differs from the more traditional approach which has always looked to apportion blame in other areas, by calling addiction a disease or something that we are genetically predisposed to. These ‘alternative’ therapies give addicts a much better chance of not only achieving and maintaining abstinence, but of living a much better quality life too.

Are there state financed rehab programs?

Currently Georgia has over 30 different drug and alcohol treatment programs which offer 90 day programs for addicts, including a whole range of options such as group and individual counseling, cognitive therapy, meetings and other types of traditional therapies.

As many of Georgia’s drug addicts are unable to hold a job and therefore not liable to pay taxes, it means that there are numerous government funded drug treatment programs in Georgia, including residential drug treatment programs. The premise behind this is that if addicts are able to conquer their addiction, there’s a better chance that they’ll be able to obtain and keep a job, and become a productive member of society. In addition, the government feels that addiction is not the fault of the addict and, therefore, they deserve help in the same way as others suffering from mental illnesses.

What are the differences between rehabs in Georgia and rehabs in Florida?

In comparison with Georgia, Florida has the second highest number of private rehab clinics in the United States. However, they do also offer a comprehensive selection of government assisted programs and those which accept insurance plans as payment for treatment.

At Luxury Beach Rehab we provide a range of treatments for substance abuse as part of our holistic approach to addiction therapy, and offer a professional and caring approach for both clients and loved ones.