Everything You Need to Know: What to Expect at a Luxury Rehab Center

luxury rehab center

Nearly 20 million Americans struggle with some form of addiction. A small number of them receive rehab treatment, to the tune of 11% or so.

Reaching out for help can be one of the most difficult things about deciding to go to rehab.

Many high profile clients are also nervous about going to rehab for a variety of reasons.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of going to a luxury rehab center, as opposed to receiving treatment somewhere else.


One great benefit to a luxury rehab center is privacy.

Often times, individuals who are either well-known or well-off are scared to enter rehab because of privacy issues. They don’t want people knowing where they are, or that they’ve entered a facility.

Luxury rehab facilities often have dealt with high profile clients previously. They know how to keep things discreet and how to treat clients who may not wish for others to know that they’re in a rehab facility.

Medical Detox

Most luxury drug rehab centers offer you medical detox. This means you can get off the drugs or alcohol you’ve come to depend on in a safe and comfortable way.

Detoxing can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes even painful if done without medical intervention. Having a trained support staff to ensure you’re no longer physically dependent on drugs is a major bonus.

Healthy Meal Plan

A “regular” rehab, or one that the state pays for, may not provide great meals. Sometimes, you may even get meals cafeteria style with patients from a variety of other programs.

Healthy meals, cooked to your preference, are an important part of recovering. You’ll want to nourish your body as you nourish your mind.

Luxury facilities often have chefs and kitchens to rival many hotels and restaurants. This way, you won’t have to worry about what’s going in your body as you’re focusing on other, important things in your life.

Amazing Amenities

Luxury facilities often provide amenities, like massage and aromatherapy. These can help immensely as you detox, as your body is attempting to function without the drugs or alcohol you’ve come to depend on.

While detox is much more comfortable if done medically, it still doesn’t erase the side effects. With comfortable amenities, you’ll be able to help ease them and feel more relaxed.

These amenities can also help you unwind after difficult days in therapy. Many people face demons they’d rather not during their one-on-one sessions. Sometimes, family or marriage therapy can be incredibly difficult as well.

We know that, and these amenities can help you calm down and face the next day with a renewed and invigorated sense of energy.

The Perks of a Luxury Rehab Center Near the Beach

Being near the beach provides you with a variety of perks. One is the ocean air, which can help asthma and other breathing issues.

The calm waves can also help lull you to sleep on nights where you have had a particularly difficult day in treatment. Many find the sound of the water on the shore to be extremely relaxing.

Some people also love taking long walks on the beach. As you build up trust with the staff, you’ll be able to have some free time to contemplate your treatment and your choices in life. Many people find doing this on the beach to be therapeutic.

A Home-Like Environment

Some rehab facilities are furnished like hospitals. With drab and bare decor, you’ll feel like you’re in an institution instead of in a place for healing and renewal.

A home-like environment can help you feel safer and more secure when going through a treatment program. You won’t feel like going to your room to retire is a punishment. Instead, it will feel like you’re going to a safe haven.

Luxury rehab facilities also provide comfortable and warm beds, some of which rival top-tier hotel facilities. You’ll also get a luxury bathroom to yourself, so you can unpack and spread out, truly making you feel like you’re at home.

Most facilities also offer each person their own room. This allows you the privacy you need when you need that precious alone time, or you want to unwind and relax after a difficult day.

Bridging the Gap

One reason many people don’t stay clean after rehab is that they’ve failed to create a solid aftercare plan. You can’t simply leave a rehab facility and expect to return to “normal” society and resist your old haunts and cravings.

A luxury rehab facility often has a halfway house or other such set-ups that allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend inpatient. It also gives you a little bit more freedom that you’re not afforded whilst you’re living in an inpatient facility.

This allows you to ease back into the real world, while you still have the support from the team if you run into temptation.

Once you’ve completed the program, a rehab facility will reach out to therapists and outpatient programs near you to transfer your care.

Even when you’re back to your family and career, you still need to ensure you work with someone to keep you on the right track. A luxury rehab facility will make sure that happens.

Choosing a Luxury Rehab Center

Interested in recovering in a luxury rehab center? Our locations are all secluded and private, affording you privacy and serenity.

Contact us now to speak about how we can help you start your journey today.