Family Therapy for Substance Abuse

If you have a family member who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know that this can effect not just their life, but your life too. You’re probably also aware that helping your loved one to seek help for their addiction is reliant on that person accepting that they have an addiction in the first place. Often family members are unable, or don’t know how, to raise the possibility of addiction therapy, and may choose to simply ignore the problem, especially if they feel that this action may effect their relationships.

These concerns are understandable, and while it’s important for families to understand that any approach made should be both gentle and supportive, it’s equally important to realize that most substance abusers seek treatment as a result of a family intervention.

Family therapy as part of the rehabilitation process

If you’re living with an addict, their behavior can often leave the people around them with a feeling of exhaustion. Family counseling, as part of the rehabilitation process, offers a safe place for family and friends to examine how they’ve been effected, and the role, if any, that they may have played in the addict’s addiction. Therefore, if you’ve been effected by living with an addict, finding a suitable family treatment rehabilitation program will not only give you the opportunity to address these issues, but will give you the support and information you need to help your family member before, during and after their treatment.

Why is family counseling important?

Family counseling for substance abuse is important in light of the following reasons:

  • It offers a forum for families to express their feelings, worries and concerns in a safe place, with the support of both professionals and peers.
  • It allows each family member to start the healing process and address the impact that the addiction has had on them personally.
  • It helps to reduce the distress felt by family members.
  • It gives family members the chance to let go of any overwhelming feelings of guilt or responsibility associated with their involvement with the addiction.

Why is your involvement as a family member necessary during the process?

By taking part in a family treatment plan for substance abuse, family members are given the opportunity to learn how their behavior and possible lack of understanding can impact their loved one’s addiction, and a chance to examine how this has effected their own lives too. While this does involve an investment of time, energy and finances, it will pay dividends if you’re able to support your loved one over the course of their rehabilitation. Plus attending family counseling will provide you with the tools and the support required to get you through the rehabilitation process.

What can be gained from this involvement?

Quite often a family member has developed a specific role within a family effected by substance abuse. While they may feel as though they are being helpful, it may be that their actions actively support the addictive behavior, while causing themselves a great deal of stress. This co-dependency can be addressed during family counseling, and new behaviors and strategies identified to allow you to better support your loved one. Family counseling allows you to take a step back and gives you the chance to recognize any negative behavior patterns you may have been exhibiting, while giving you the opportunity to see how you can adjust these traits to best help your loved one.

Luxury Beach Rehab and family counseling

Here at Luxury Beach Rehab, we provide family counseling for substance abuse as part of our holistic approach to addiction therapy and offer a professional and caring approach for both patients and their loved ones.